Name: Dr. Alaa Kana
Wage: $40/hour
Travel radius: 10 miles
Cell phone: 619-288-5479
Address: El Cajon, CA, 92020

I am a native Arabic speaker. I was born and raised in the Middle East. Throughout my life, I have lived in Iraq, Jordan. I obtained Ph.D degree in Management in 2009. I worked as a professor for more than ten years in several universities in Iraq and Jordan before coming to the United States.

In the United States, I worked with San Diego State University (SDSU) as Role Player and manuscript editor for SDSU Research Foundation. I also worked as Assistant Instructor in California State University - Long Beach. Recently, I have been working in National University. I have an experience as an Arabic teacher, private tutor, and translator who has worked with students from various backgrounds in different countries. I have an intensive knowledge of formal Arabic; reading and writing fluently with a strong understanding of the major Arabic dialects (slang). In addition, I have taught several graduate and undergraduate classes in well-known universities.

I'm passionate about sharing knowledge and teaching. I find it very interesting and special to be able to teach my native Arabic language to non-native speakers by using different, effective methods of teaching, such as the cooperative way that I was taught in an intensive course in this regard. I prefer to teach with an emphasis on conversation, and use textbooks materials to help establishing a strong foundation.